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Root Canal Therapy (or more commonly referred to as "getting a root canal") is a treatment that involves removing the infection that lies deep inside the tooth where the tooth's nerves and tissue are. Once the infection is removed from the deep tooth (pulp) area, it is filled and resealed. This procedure eliminates the source of the infection and should protect the tooth from future contamination of bacteria. Root canal therapy is often recommended in conjunction with crown restorations to help restore fractured teeth or teeth with large fillings. 
Just a few reasons patients with deep tooth infections should get a root canal are:
  • Alleviate pain
  • Prevent further spread of bacteria that can affect other teeth, gum tissue, jaws, and possibly other areas of the body
  • Save and restore fractured or highly restored tooth structure in conjunction with crowns

At Orion Dental Group, our general dentists are experienced in root canal therapy. Our goal is to provide the best and most comfortable dental experience possible. Call our Lloydmnister, Alberta office today to schedule an appointment, or fill out our contact form.


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